Enchanting Political Consultations

This project is probably my favorite intervention into a political venue as an artist. After being disillusioned by the processes of politics as usual and the inhumane ways in which people treat each other in these spaces, an unexpected idea to read tarot cards at the New Mexico State Legislature during the legislative session cameContinue reading “Enchanting Political Consultations”

Santa Fe City Hall Artist Residency

Among my (perhaps misguided) efforts to insert myself as an artist within government and politics, I convinced the mayor of Santa Fe at the time, David Coss, to let me conduct an unpaid artist residency within Santa Fe’s City Hall. I spent a summer in a vacant office adjacent to the City Manager’s office learningContinue reading “Santa Fe City Hall Artist Residency”

Dead Artists Salon

I have never touched a Ouija board since this project in 2013. The Portland State University Art and Social Practice MFA program held an annual event called Shine A Light at the Portland Art Museum that entailed the MFA students creating socially-engaged works that were responsive to the art. A couple thousand people regularly attendedContinue reading “Dead Artists Salon”