Zephyr Community Art Studio

In 2015, I decided to start a DIY space. The process was more mundane than you might think it was—I wanted a studio to play music in, and I quickly realized how difficult it was to find one in Santa Fe. Through some happenstance a friend was moving out of a 700 square foot warehouse he had lived in for ages, and a sublet was very convenient for him. He had installed a bathtub that he didn’t want to remove immediately. It was a great deal, and a week after we made it, I hosted the first event of Zephyr’s existence: a winter solstice party pot luck art and music show that featured the work of about a dozen artists, the bands of the two other musicians I initially shared the space with, as well as my own.

Before I knew it, people were referring bands to me to book shows, a phenomenon that only increased over the years. Hundreds of musicians of every genre imaginable performed, recorded, and rehearsed at Zephyr. We also hosted workshops, poetry readings, art shows, community events, theatrical productions, and were used for other creative endeavors like filmmaking.

It’s hard to describe the beautiful, organic chaos that ensued over the years. Zephyr was an open venue for anyone who needed a space to make something. We fostered a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who came through our doors. We never turned anyone away from any of our shows or from using the space for lack of funds. Zephyr was a studio of creative experimentation and community. I miss it dearly.

Collaborators came and went, and toward the end we had an extraordinary collective of dedicated people who helped foster culture and community very thoughtfully. It ended at the beginning of 2020, because it became too expensive and too exhausting, and I felt other art collectives and DIY spaces were thriving. You can find an archive of our work at our Facebook and Instagram pages. Also @nocturne_spark on Instagram.

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