Social Singalongs

Over the years, I have organized folk song singalongs in bars and other community spaces. These singalongs were inspired in part by the traditions I saw in Ireland, where people just stand up in the bar, and lead everyone present in singing folk songs that they all know.

I believe in the powers of music to transform people, environments, and situations, to cultivate resiliency, and to form social bonds. I always enjoy watching people become comfortable joining in communal song, finding pleasure and community in the shared experience.

Below are a few of the lyric books I’ve created from these events.

11-01-18 CULTURE/SHIFT Lyric Book

09-16-18 Zephyr Community Art Studio Lyric Book

2016 Lyric Book

2013 Open Engagement Lyric Book

This field recording of an impromptu singalong with my fellow Portland State University Art and Social Practice MFA students at a writing retreat on Mount Hood in 2012 gives you a sense of the flavor of it.

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